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Machines, instruments and tech gadgets for companies and individuals

Tech + Knowledge + Skilled Staff = Well Done Job!

Vi got a lot of machines, tools, instruments och tech gadgets, but also very skillful staff to handle all your needs. For most machines you can chose if you like to maneuver them yourself or if you want our help. Our staff knows our products by heart. You will of course get all the information you need and we are just a phone call away. We know all the gear no matter what kind of project it might be.

We got experts in construction/geotechnics, environmental remediation/pollution, water damage/moisture/mold, photography, videography etc. You will be given education in the services we offer, same goes for the machines and instruments that we possess. This to make sure you can handle the gear in the right way and without trouble when you are on your own.

You find us in southern Sweden, more specifically in Malmö. You will also quite often find us in Copenhagen and Denmark. We got machines and staff in various locations in Europe. We are very flexible and we are here for you! We got more equipment than displayed on this website, please contact us..

Maskinhyra got Swedish VAT and we are happy to work with both companies and private individuals.


Machines, instruments and tech gadgets for you and your company. We have equipment for construction, gardening, geotech, videography and much more. 


Many years of professional use of our products makes us experts in these fields. We do also offer training for instruments and services, to make sure you are comfortable with our tools and gadgets.



Staff with many years of experience that will help and instruct you, to make you feel safe and make sure you spend the time wise. Staff with many years of experience that will help and instruct you, to make you feel safe and make sure you spend the time wise.

Some Of Our Projects

Peab is building new apartments in a historic part of Malmö, Sweden called Varvsstaden. We are helping measuring vibrations and making sure no other buildings gets harmed.
Varvsstaden, Malmoe
Customer: Peab Anläggning AB
The laboratory called Max IV stood ready a few years ago. Inside these walls there is a national research facility hosted by the University of Lund. Accelerator physics with the help of synchrotron radiation is being researched.
Max IV, Lund
Customer: Peab Anläggning AB
During some weeks we did noise monitoring at private properties for Åstorp Kommun. Traffic, construction sites, heat pumps have been monitored and evaluated in comparison with the legal regulations.
Kund: Åstorps Kommun

Some of our happy clients

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