Drone with an operator

1.100 kr 800 kr

Professional drones and pilots in many places in Europe and particular Sweden. Photograph and make video from high altitude and angles only birds can reach.

All our drones are professional with 4K Ultra HD resolution (4 times as high as regular HD). Most of our pilots has a drone license.

Drones can be used in many ways, for example weddings and many more events, sailing and other sport events and competitions, hunting, fishing, constructions and buildings etc. from angles nothing else could match this cost. Drones can of course also be used for professional movie productions. but also for and finding missing people and animals and much more.

Photography and film making from a birds perspective at high altitude :)

Our skilled drone pilots/operators are operating the drones and the material will be delivered as agreed, usually in full 4K resolution.

Tech specs:
- 4k Ultra HD resolution (4 times as high as regular HD).
- Amazing sharpness right from the camera and smooth and stable camera movement.
- Fast drones and stable shots even in strong wind.
– Kan flyga i stark vind
- The drones can fly multiple kilometers both vertical and diagonal.
- Precision: Tiny movements in small areas too full speed in large environments.