Studio flash lighting kit

180 kr

Elinchrom Style 600rx. Two professional studio flashes á 600W with tripods, softbox and umbrellas. All you need in a photo studio.

With our package you will be able to make professional photos of your products, staff or wedding guests.

The camera kit consist of:
2 Elinchrom Style 600rx studio flashes
2 Tripods
2 Umbrellas (white and black)
2 protective caps
Wireless flash trigger
Hard bags for transport + cables

Tech specs:
600W per flash
18-600 Joules (watt Seconds)
Steples power settings up to full effect (1/32)
Load time/recharge time: 0.22-1 sec
Full modelling lamp control
Surge resistant circuits
Fan cooling

We have also got…
Tripods for backdrops
Reflectors (both small and big ones in white, silver and gold)
Mini studio / photo tent for product shoots
Scanlite 300 & Scanlite 650 – Constant tungsten hot light
Camera tripods (for both stills and video)
Professional photographers and videographers at many places around the globe