Video production

1.200 kr

Video production with our partner Raw Motions and many other freelancers around the globe, our network is big. The full production, from ideas to the final product and all steps in between such as script writing, storyboard, finding the right crew and actors, video shooting, editing, post production, color grading and so on. We do mainly work with midsize companies doing branding, testimonials, product presentations, events etc. But once in a while there is a wedding, commercial ad, concert and much more. The commercial point of view and the technical skills among with people skills are elements needed for a successful product. We got the tools needed and professional photographers/video graphers with many years of experience.

Vi arbetar mestadels med företag där vi hjälper till med branding, presentationsfilmer, event etc. Men vi behärskar även bröllop, reklamproduktioner och mycket mer.

Vi tillhandahåller all utrustning och professionella videografer med lång erfarenhet.